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  • Find Your Voice

    Find Your Voice

    When it comes to anything like a new skill, project, or hobby, there’s a lot to learn when you get started. This especially applies for creating content online.  How do you find your voice as a creator? If you want to create content but don’t know where to start, this blog post will cover 4…

  • A simplified summer setup!

    A simplified summer setup!

    While spending summer indoors may leave you feeling a little cooped up and missing some form of social interaction, we’ve all been considering playing around with the idea of streaming some form of content, right? Contrary to popular belief, content creators don’t need the latest hardware to show off their creativity! Although your end-game dream…

  • More on Microphones? Sounds good.

    More on Microphones? Sounds good.

    Thinking about how to step up your audio game? Between the two types of microphones that AVerMedia offers, do you know which one best suits your needs? In our last blog, we covered some advantages in using a dynamic microphone—there’s a lot that our AM330 can accomplish, after all—but if you’re considering other options, today’s…

  • Podcast, Broadcast, and all the basics

    Podcast, Broadcast, and all the basics

    When we say “We are ALL creators,” we also mean we support all kinds of creators. Though many of our products might, at a glance, seem most suitable for gaming-related creativity on stream or on video, that’s far from the only function we can serve! Today, we’ll start going over how AVerMedia can power your…

  • Small, but just as capable: Meet the Live Gamer MINI

    Small, but just as capable: Meet the Live Gamer MINI

    The AVerMedia Live Gamer MINI is a small but powerful capture card that’s perfect for streaming your gameplay from the Nintendo Switch! Setup takes minutes, because we know you can’t wait to jump into your next adventure.

  • Splitting the Work: Two is better than one

    Splitting the Work: Two is better than one

    Dedicated PC for gaming to your left, loyal and sturdy PC for streaming to your right—a dual setup is optimal when you want the best of both worlds. But what pushes your dual PC setup to its maximum potential when you’re trying to kick your content game up a notch? Lessen the load: No longer…