Find Your Perfect Gift: The AVerMedia 2021 Gift Guide

Before we know it, that time of the year’s just around the corner again! Whether you’re doing a little shopping for yourself to take your content creation up a notch, or hoping to give your friends a good gift that’ll get their streaming journey a solid jumpstart, our gift guide’s geared towards finding that perfect addition to any content creator’s essential line up.

The question now is… where do we start? Are you an aspiring creator that’s looking for an opportune moment to start streaming? Or are you a seasoned creator that’s searching for that future-proof upgrade that’s the final piece to your setup? Better yet, maybe you’re shopping for a friend that falls into either category. 

Wherever creativity takes you, AVerMedia’s got something just for the occasion. We’ve broken it down into three categories suited for creators looking to find that… something to push their vision to the next level.

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Find Your Voice:

Find Your Confidence:

Find Your Mastery:

Find Your Voice:

Every journey begins with its first step—but in the world of content creation, that first step might look a little daunting. Once all the research on hardware and software is done, you’ll get to the fun part! For starters who are looking for a solid selection of reliable hardware that’ll allow them to play around with streaming, recording, and more, these are some of our favorites that will make the perfect gift for you, or for friends and family!

GC311: Live Gamer MINI

This tiny little thing is an external capture card that captures in 1080p60, which makes it a great choice for streamers and content creators that are looking to share their gameplay on consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. With zero lag pass-through on top of being a breeze to set up (seriously, it’s just plug and play via HDMI from your console and USB to the computer), the Live Gamer MINI is a reliable way for new and experienced creators alike looking for an inexpensive method to sharing their favorite Let’s Plays and gaming sessions. 

Additionally, the Live Gamer MINI can also record and store backups of your gameplay with the help of AVerMedia’s very own StreamEngine software. What this means is that while you’re streaming with overlay and notifications, StreamEngine and the Live Gamer MINI can simultaneously record a clean backup of all of the gameplay footage without your overlays, notifications, and other stream-related graphics for other purposes, like creating a highlight reel of your gameplay! The best part about this feature is that it takes little to no load on your CPU at all, so you can still stream smoothly while StreamEngine is recording.

The Breakdown:

  • External capture card
  • Captures in 1080p60
  • Zero-lag pass-through
  • USB plug-and-play
  • Record gameplay backups without straining your CPU via StreamEngine

PW315: Live Streamer CAM 315

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a webcam yet, or you’re looking for an upgrade from the grain and constant adjusting from your current one, the CAM 315 is what you’re looking for. An affordable solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality, this webcam captures at 1080p60 and is best suited for creators that want that perfect frame. From showing off more of their streaming room, to having guest appearances on a podcast, the 95-degree angle field-of-view that the CAM 315 offers you lots of space to guarantee a perfect frame for any footage you’re streaming or recording. 

Bump up your content with some customizable settings using AVerMedia’s CamEngine, a software that allows for customized profile settings, adjustable ePTZ AI-tracking, and even RTX broadcast integration. Here’s a visual example of all that the CAM 315 with CamEngine can do:

The Breakdown:

  • Captures in 1080p60
  • Wide-angle camera offering 95 degree angle field-of-view
  • Built-in privacy shutter
  • USB plug-and-play 
  • Compatible with CamEngine software for additional features and effects

AM310: USB Microphone

If the world of microphones and sound quality seems like a deep rabbit hole to go down, the AM310 USB Microphone might be a safe starting point for you. Delivering high quality sound with little to no extra setup, the AM310 is a cardioid, uni-directional USB microphone that simply gets the job done, making it a clear winner for creators that are just starting to familiarize themselves with audio.

Confused about cardioid or uni-directional? We talk a bit more about the differences in microphones in-depth here: 

The AM310 will work straight out of the box (once you plug it in, of course) and is a cost-effective microphone that delivers crisp audio for streaming, gaming, podcasts, or even for school and work meetings!

Designed with volume knobs, an LED power indicator, and a headphone mode switch that toggles for audio playback and microphone monitoring, the AM310 makes it easy to tell when you’re muted, and it’s even easier to test out how you sound with just a few clicks and adjustments on the microphone.

The Breakdown: 

  • Cardioid, uni-directional pattern microphone
  • Plug-and-play; no extra firmware needed
  • Little to no adjustment necessary
  • “Headphone mode” switch enables audio playback and microphone monitoring

BU110: ExtremeCap UVC

A nifty card that streams and captures in 1080p60, the BU110, also known as the ExtremeCap,  is a USB 3.0 capture card that connects perfectly with a DSLR camera, allowing you to use your camera as a high-quality webcam! Similar to our other capture cards, the BU110 is also plug and play, requiring no extra software so that your setup can be up and running in no time at all—simply connect HDMI and USB 3.0 from the camera to your PC, laptop, or even your phone, and you’re ready!

The Breakdown: 

  • Stream and capture in 1080p60
  • Plug and play, no driver needed
  • Easily connect your DSLR camcorder to your PC or Mac
  • Use this card with a DSLR for a professional webcam

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Find Your Confidence:

Feelin’ good about some parts of your setup, but looking for a bit more to give it that extra push? Part of the content creation journey is learning all there is along the way, and pretty soon, you’ll be eyeing some products here and there that’ll address your growing needs in content creation! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing products or looking for something that’s both reliable and easy to use, these next few items will definitely make you feel a lot more confident every time you press the “Go Live” or record button! 

AM330: Dynamic XLR Microphone

We all know that in the content creation world, audio is king, so when you’ve decided that it’s time for an upgrade, add the AM330 to your wishlist! A sleek alternative to our AM310 USB Microphone, the AM330 is a dynamic, cardioid-pattern XLR microphone that will hook up to an audio mixer before you can begin using it. While there is some level of adjustment and setup to be done, you’ll be impressed with its sound quality if you’re upgrading from a starter microphone! As a dynamic microphone, the microphone capsule is less sensitive and more directional, meaning it’ll pick up your voice loud and clear, while background noises will not be detected as easily from all other sides of the microphone, which makes this an ideal upgrade for streamers or podcasters that need to be heard clearly. 

We’ve actually discussed the AM330 in-depth here, and have a comparison with the AM310 here as well:

The Breakdown: 

  • Dynamic, cardioid-pattern 
  • XLR microphone
  • All metal body, improved acoustics and more robust feel
  • Super compatible with our AX310 audio mixer and control center

GC570D: Live Gamer DUO

Efficient and powerful, the Live Gamer DUO is a capture card that’s a bit different from the others—it has two inputs built into one card! With two HDMI inputs, this opens up a plethora of possibilities for content creators, with the most popular usage being 1 input for a DSLR or mirrorless camera, while the other input is used to stream or record gameplay footage. The advantage of this card is clear: You’ll have less equipment to set up, and you’ll save space since the card only takes up 1 PCi-e slot! In terms of function, this card can pass-through in 4K HDR or Full HD in 240 fps, and captures in 1080p60 with ultra low latency. Additionally, this card can  process the video input signal before it goes into your PC. From HDR to SDR tone mapping, downscaling 4K to 1080p, and frame rate conversion to 60 FPS, all that is done in the card without affecting the pass-through signal! Touted as the “all-in-one” solution for streamers, the Live Gamer DUO is a card that will capture hearts with its simplicity.

The Breakdown: 

  • Dual 1080p uncompressed capture card
  • Pass-through in 4K60 HDR, 1080p60 HDR**
  • Ultra low latency
  • Onboard video processing

**on HDMI Input 1

GC513: Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus

A capture card that seems to sometimes fall under the radar, we seriously think it’s a sleeper pick and a popular “cult favorite” for people who have loved and enjoyed it since its original model, the Live Gamer Portable. The Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus has come a long way since its original model, and thanks to its ease of use and its portability functions, it’s developed a loyal fanbase.

Enjoy 4K pass-through while capturing and recording in 1080p60, but the best part of the LGP2+ is in its 3 separate modes: PC, PC-free, and storage! Use this capture card normally with a PC, or keep it on hand when you’re testing out new games or breaking records at tournaments—just record all of the footage onto a microSD card! Lastly, you can access files and share them with the Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus, thanks to its storage mode, since this capture card also functions as a card reader. 

With so many uses on top of being portable, it isn’t hard to see how this card’s got loyal fans who have fallen in love with all it’s got to offer. Heck, during our Create and Connect 2021, partner Steve M. Bowling shares his experience with the Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus:

The Breakdown: 

  • 4K pass-through, capture in 1080p60
  • 3 modes: PC, PC-free (standalone), and storage
  • Plug and play via HDMI and USB 2.0
  • The Live Gamer Portable 2+ can capture without a PC (!)

PW513: Live Streamer Cam 513

We get it, hardware and equipment costs can pile up really quickly when you’re thinking about making upgrades—and cameras can be a steep investment for many content creators. If you’re on the hunt for something that provides crisp, detailed quality without having to make the leap to a DSLR, the PW513 is the webcam for you! 

Powered by Sony Exmor technology, this webcam can stream crisp details at 4Kp30 fps, or 1080p60 for a smoother experience. Additionally, featuring a 94° wide-angle field of view, the PW513 allows you to get everything into your frame—whether  it’s to show off your cool setup room, or for your guest appearances dropping by for a special stream or podcast episode! 

Bump the quality up even further with the help of AVerMedia’s CamEngine software, which allows you to adjust and customize brightness, saturation, and other settings. Additionally, enable different effects such as ePTZ/AI-framing so that the webcam detects your face and pans to frame you perfectly. The cherry on top? If you have a NVIDIA RTX card, you can take advantage of NVIDIA Broadcast integration on CamEngine, really taking the quality even further like blurring the background for a realistic depth-of-field look! Check out our very own example here:

Lastly, if you’re on the fence, we’ve weighed out some more pros and cons here:

The Breakdown: 

  • Stream 4K UHD video at 30fps, or 1080p Full HD video at 60fps
  • 94° wide-angle field of view
  • USB 3.0 plug-and-play
  • Customize your settings and use features such as ePTZ and AI-framing with the CamEngine software

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Find Your Mastery:

With the new year just around the corner, maybe your wishlist has a few items that are great for streamlining your setup, or for future-proofing it. Here’s to striving for those new goals for the upcoming year with some of our favorites that’ll take your content creation to new heights. 

Live Streamer AX310

Tired of fiddling with settings and getting everything juuuust right? The AX310 solves your problems by making almost everything accessible at the touch of a few buttons or a swipe left or right on a touch panel! Working as both an audio mixer and a control center, the AX310 boasts a multitude of ways to simplify your streaming process, which means no more alt-tabbing multiple times to adjust settings—everything you’ll need is right here. We’ve covered the AX310 in detail in a previous blog post, which you can access here:

With direct integrations involving most of the popular streaming platforms and consistent updates to the software, the AX310 will continue to improve every step of the way to grow with your content.

The Breakdown: 

  • 6-track audio mixer: XLR mic input, Optical, Line-in, and three virtual PC inputs
  • Control center: Customizable 5″ touch panel (5″ x 4″ grid) and 4 dedicated function buttons
  • Two independent audio mixes: Different volume levels for you and your stream
  • Direct integration with: RECentral, OBS, SLOBS, Spotify, Youtube, and Twitch.
  • As an audio mixer and control center, the AX310 truly puts you in control.

BU113: Live Streamer CAP 4K

The successor to the BU110 ExtremeCap, the Live Streamer Cap 4K works similarly by connecting your DSLR or mirrorless camera to a PC via HDMI and USB, but the big difference? As the name implies, this card captures in 4K! Grab this card and a camera for an ultra polished webcam that’ll give your content that finished, professional look.

The Breakdown: 

  • Record or stream in 4Kp30
  • Capture in buttery smooth 1080p60, or pristine 4K UHD at 30 fps
  • Plug and play, no driver needed
  • Easily connect your DSLR or mirrorless camera to your PC
  • Utilize features such as ePTZ and AI-framing with the AVerMedia CamEngine software

GC573: Live Gamer 4K

The Live Gamer 4K is everything its name implies—4K capture that’s pretty much perfect for gamers. Featuring ultra low latency, you also have the option of capturing in 4K HDR10 at 60 fps or recording up to 240 fps on a Full HD signal, making this card an enticing choice for any content creator that’s looking to future proof their setup! Designed with 3 customizable RGB modes to accent your case, the Live Gamer 4K truly does add the finishing touch to any content creator’s setup.

Considering it for your very own dual PC setup? Read more on our blog: 

The Breakdown: 

  • 4K HDR10 gameplay capture and passthrough
  • Record up to 240 FPS on a Full HD signal
  • Perfect for consoles or PCs with support for 4Kp60, 1440p144, and 1080p240
  • A highly popular card for dual-PC setups

GC555: Live Gamer BOLT

Our crème de la crème, the Live Gamer BOLT is seriously a monster of a capture card that’s made to be future proofed for years to come. Another card that provides extremely low latency, (noticing a pattern yet?) this card is also the first external capture card capable of recording in 240 fps! Thanks to Intel’s technology, the Thunderbolt 3 port also works at up to 18 gbps for transmitting data quicker than a snap, so you can process, capture and record at lightning speeds. 

The Breakdown: 

  • Capture or pass-through in 4K
  • Record up to 240 FPS on a Full HD signal
  • Maximum Pass-Through Resolution: 2160p60 HDR /1440p144/ 1080p240
  • Powered by Intel Thunderbolt 3.0 

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Now that you’ve got an entire slew of options, check out our deals during the holidays with our Holiday Gift Guide! Whether you’re shopping for an upgrade or looking to get into content creation for the very first time—or even better, introducing a friend or a family member to the vast world of streaming—AVerMedia’s got the solutions that’ll help you find your voice, find your confidence, and find your mastery.

How will you choose to #boldlycreate?






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