On finding your voice, ft. our AVerMedia partners

During the last couple weeks, the AVerMedia team had the pleasure of being able to interview some of our partners about some common questions and problems that they’ve come across on their own journey of content creation. From figuring out how to stand out in the vast sea of content creators, to networking, and how to start building a cohesive brand to their channel, our partners pitched in with some of their thoughts on our live stream. 

So in case you missed it, here are some wonderful recaps and words of advice that we think would be great tidbits to consider on your own, personal exploration of live streaming, or content creation as a whole:

What advice would you give to someone very nervous to hit record for the very first time?

Our partner AFKayt started off the panel with one succinct sentence: 

“Just push the button.”

She elaborates further, that it’s better to “make something than having it be perfect right out the gate,” because it can feel paralyzing when we’re trying to figure out if everything is absolutely perfect. A lot of times, overthinking and stress can make us hesitate on pressing the live button, or publishing the work that you’ve already put a lot of effort into—so Kayt’s advice to “just do it,” really rings true for creators who struggle with the doubt. 

Zeenigami expands on the point: “Something I get a lot from people is that they have a reservation that, ‘I want to make sure it’s perfect before I get it out–and if I make it, and it’s bad, people are going to see that it’s bad, and then they’re going to remember it’s bad.’ Well I have some good news for you. If nobody’s watching you, nobody saw you make bad stuff anyway. So you don’t have to worry that you’re making bad stuff, because chances are—nobody’s gonna see it! So who cares if it’s bad? It doesn’t matter.”

Zeenigami explains a little bit more about what he means, and why it’s okay to push out some things that you don’t feel are “‘perfect”.

As humorous as it sounds, the idea of creating something and finally publishing it is an important first step—the reality is that achieving an “ideal” or “perfect” product can be next to impossible—and the idea of content creation is that it’s a journey that we all experience and grow from, with time as we understand the platform, our brand, and our audience more.

Mekel adds to this point with his own thoughts, “It’s about repetition. When you first start going to the gym, you’re not going to be great the first time you start lifting—it becomes muscle memory after a while. So just keep at it.” 

What’s the best advice for building your persona?

To give more detail on the question, he wanted to address how someone can feel comfortable with using a persona as a “filter” for oneself and viewing it at as a brand, as opposed to thinking that they are changing themselves, or being “fake” to their viewers.

Zeenigami starts off with agreeing that there is a perception of how a persona can easily be mistaken as “fake”, and reminds us that the creative process is very vulnerable process:

Mekel also adds that his persona most definitely carries aspects of himself, and that it’s important to avoid being emulating, or being somebody else:

What can a new creator do to stand out and build something really unique for themselves?

Zeenigami’s biggest advice is the “elevator pitch”, or selling themselves (and their content) within 30 seconds. What’s compelling or unique about you and your content that someone’s not going to get from anywhere else? For those who struggle with answering that question on what truly separates them as a creator, from the vast sea of newly budding creators, he also offers this piece of advice:

“You have a long, interesting life. We all do. There are so many things in life that we do that aren’t video games.

How can I use that and tie that back into my content creation?

Maybe video games aren’t important to your content creation. Because when you play a video game, there’s only so much you can do to elevate your content from other creators. Maybe it’s something else that you have to deliver in another avenue that’s going to showcase what it is about you and your content creation abilities that is going to be interesting and–key–valuable to people.”

Kayt makes a great point in terms of what sets you apart and makes you discoverable in regards to streaming–and a lot of it has to do with knowing who your viewers are, and why they choose to stay:

Mekel brings up the importance of keeping viewers’ attention span while still trying to provide entertainment and value. As the internet has allowed us to get a little too comfortable with immediacy, Mekel’s point reminds us that as content creators, we’re working with a limited amount of time to pull in the viewer before they decide to move onto the next thing they find interesting–so it’s crucial to understand what exactly separates you and how you can use that within a short amount of time to win a viewer over:

Outside of these insightful questions, we also asked our partners about what they regarded as the most important gear for streaming, and what some deciding factors are, for people who aren’t sure which platform to start streaming to. Among a few (useful) tangents and some other tips that might be useful for a starting streamer, you can find the full video on our Twitch here!

A BIG thanks to everyone who participated—Zeenigami, Mekel Kasanova, and AFKayt, who gave us all some more food for thought. Get to know a little bit about our partners, and give them a follow if you jive with what they’ve shared as well!

Zeenigami: Streamer and stream coach extraordinaire, his creative content and energy always brings out excitement and laughs, especially when he’s sharing great insight. Always willing to help out if you’ve got a missing puzzle piece that you’re trying to pull together in your content creation, Zeenigami’s definitely the guy to go to. And if you’re a fan of mobile or anime games, you will love his stream too!

Find Zeenigami on these platforms:

Mekel Kasanova: Yesss, it’s the host of Hawaii’s #1 podcast: The Kasanova Podcast! From hardware reviews, game reviews, interviews, reactions and more, Mekel’s personality and knowledge shines through his content and in his ability to give everyone a sneak peek into the different aspects of the gaming industry. Did we mention? He’s one of Hawaii’s favorite content creators, and it’s probably no surprise that he’s one of our faves too. 

Find Mekel on these platforms:

AFKayt: Kayt is simply magical. Maybe even literally. Specializing in stunning transformations and optical illusions with make-up and body paint, her process is so amazing that it feels like magic! Mix in some chill vibes, occasional deep chats, and a place to just feel comfortable, and you’ll feel right at home with her stream. 

Find Kayt on these platforms:





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