NEW for RECentral: Instant Highlight + Multi-app Capture

We have new features!

With the latest drivers and version of RECentral, three of our best cards just got better.

First, let’s go over the latest feature in our cards:

Multi-app Capture

The Live Gamer DUO, Live Gamer 4K, and Live Gamer BOLT now support simultaneous use in multiple apps!

How does it work?

Simply open RECentral and your streaming software to get it going! That’s it.

What does this mean?

In single capture mode on RECentral, you can record in max-quality HDR while you stream in SDR using your streaming software of choice and RECentral.

With the Live Gamer BOLT or Live Gamer 4K, you can record 4K 60fps HDR for maximum video quality or 1080p 240fps for ultra slow-mo. Capture every detail in your game or show off your best moments in silky smooth slow-mo!

Multi-app support becomes a whole lot more useful in conjunction with the newest feature in RECentral:

Instant Highlights

Instant highlights work with all of our cards, but you may find the greatest utility when used in conjunction with multi-app capture.

In Multi Capture mode after setting up your scene, simply click the “Instant Highlight” button to get started.

Click on “Multi,” and the mode you’re using will be highlighted in orange. This applies to both RECentral and RECentral Express.

After you click that button, you’ll see a dropdown box with different times ranging from 30 seconds all the way to 1 hour and a “Save Instant Highlight” button to save your clips. To save a clip, simply set your desired length and click the button. That’s it!

Instant Highlight will continuously buffer the length you have set, but don’t rush clicking it! For best results, wait a couple seconds after your highlight ends to ensure it’s fully captured, and consider setting your highlight length to be longer than you anticipate—if you anticipate cutting 30 second highlights, set a 1 minute buffer so you don’t miss a thing.

In your media share folder on RECentral, you’ll see the clips you saved. 

What are some practical applications?

In multi capture mode on RECentral, you can use the highlight or live editing features to quickly record clips while you stream in SLOBS or OBS. Stream with your software, then use the highlight feature to quickly and easily capture clips for a highlight reel. Multi mode may cap at 60fps, but the utility you gain is incredible.

Make the most of your card’s capabilities!

With multi-app, you’ll be able to get your stream VOD on Twitch, simultaneously record it in your stream software, and capture instant highlights or HDR footage in RECentral. The possibilities are truly endless to level up your creations!

Watch the video going over these new features:

And remember…

We Are All Creators





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