Double your potential: Live Gamer DUO

The latest in our line of 4K capture cards, the Live Gamer DUO brings something new to the table that we’ve been so excited to share. As the world’s first dual input capture card with 4K HDR 60 FPS and Full HD 240 FPS pass-through, we know this opens up even more possibilities for streamers and content creators that are looking to push their content to the next level. 

Now, what makes the DUO so special?

  • Dual HDMI:
    • Two HDMI inputs for capturing uncompressed full HD videos, all while taking up only one PCI-E slot. One input is perfect for capturing gameplay thanks to its ability to passthrough 4K HDR at 60 FPS, while the second HDMI input can be used for any HDMI-supported function, at a maximum resolution of 1080p60. With mirrorless cameras being an increasingly popular alternative to USB webcams, this presents the perfect opportunity for streamers to utilize the DUO to its fullest potential!
  • On-board video processing:
    • Leave the work to us! Another significant advantage of the DUO is its capability to process video input before it even goes into the PC! From HDR to SDR tonemapping, downscaling 4K to full HD and more, the Live Gamer DUO ensures that your stream, recordings, and gameplay will never be affected by unnecessary additional strain.
  • 7.1 and 5.1 Ch Surround Sound Support:
    • Of course, if the DUO sounds like a winner already, this is the cherry on top. Audio enthusiasts can appreciate the full extent of soundtracks and more, as the DUO supports 7.1 and 5.1 channel surround sound pass-through. Without any loss in audio quality thanks to this feature, it’s a surefire bonus on the road to taking your content to the next level. 

For those who have already secured their Live Gamer DUO, this quick guide will help with your installation process:

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The Live Gamer Duo is my favourite capture card to date.

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