Like a bolt from the blue…

Our latest and greatest, as well as the world’s first external capture card capable of recording at 240 FPS. The Live Gamer Bolt brings a whole new meaning to the term “future proofing” with its outstanding capabilities! 

As one of the most powerful capture cards to join the AVerMedia capture card family, the Bolt will help create content with quality and performance, all without restrictions. With its ability to capture in 4k60p HDR and record in 240 FPS at 1080p, the Bolt understands that you shouldn’t have to settle for less. 

Your performance won’t be held back by sluggish transfers on the Bolt. Thanks to Thunderbolt 3, the USB-C port that works at up to 18 gbps for transmitting data quicker than a snap. Process, capture and record at lightning speeds, and audiophiles can also rejoice: When the Bolt emphasizes quality, it truly comes in all forms—enjoy recording with 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound capabilities, so you can create an immersive audio experience, not just for yourself, but for any viewer that wants to feel as if they were experiencing the game for themselves.

Last but certainly not least, enjoy one of the lowest latency cards to date. The Live Gamer Bolt has been tested for a preview latency averaging 50ms, hitting a record best for all AVerMedia cards, with the Live Gamer 4K coming in second, at 53 ms. For more information on capture card latency testing, EposVox created an extensive article documenting input latency, performance, and more on our capture cards, as well as from other brands: HERE.

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